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Would you like the best possible chance to succeed with your Planning Application?

Did you know a large percentage of Planning Applications are actually refused?

Failed Planning Applications can cause you a great deal of problems:

  • Lost costs of planning fees for the actual application

  • Wasted costs of Agents' or designers' fees

  • The financial issue if an Application or an Appeal ultimately fails

Our company has many years experience in assisting our clients to obtain planning permission. As an organisation we have both Architectural and Planning Consultant skills and our staff fully understand design, environmental and legislative issues.

We can steer your application in the right direction and can provide advice and assistance at every stage of the Planning Process.


PPS21 - Sustainable Development in the Countryside

Issued by: Department of Environment

Status: Final

Published: Will be effective from 1 June 2010

PPS 21 sets out planning policies for development in the countryside.  For the purpose of this document the countryside is defined as land lying outside of settlement limits as identified in development plans.  The provisions of this document will apply to all areas of Northern Ireland's countryside.

Please see the below link to view PPS21:


NI Planning Permission are Rural Planning Experts, we can help you and advise you on the best approach to take in order to fully maximise the value and potential of your site. We can offer you advice on this new Planning Policy to ensure that you are kept fully up-to-date on all Northern Ireland Planning Policy.

Niplanningpermission.co.uk have a team of planning consultants available to offer professional planning advice. The advice we offer is specific to each potential development site.

If you would like to speak to someone about how we can help you realise the potential of your property/land or just require some professional planning advice contact us now, by using the Form in our Contact Us section. 







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